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China is the biggest mobile market in the world in terms of subscribers which no mobile app developer with global ambitions can choose to ignore. Statistics from November 2013 put the total number of mobile subscribers in China at 1.23 billion. Of these, around 403 million mobile users subscribe to 3G mobile technology.

Chinese mobile users download and purchase apps from numerous third party app stores whose shared reduce Google Play store to a very small player in the Chinese app market. Chinese mobile phone manufacturing companies load their phones with their app stores, Google services are either blocked/slow by the Great Firewall of China and Google Play does not allow paid apps to be sold to consumers in China.

Paid apps don't stand a chance. According to a 2011 study of two Chinese app stores by Lookout Mobile Security, about 17% of apps were pirated or repackaged likely by someone other than the developer.

With smart phones in China selling for less than 150 usd, game consoles been banned and over a billion people, all this produces the biggest and fastest growing app market in the world, but none of this comes easy. Language barriers, piracy and the great china firewall are just some of the problems you will encounter.

That’s where we come in, with over 10 years experience in the industry, we are a partner you can trust. 
Our aim is to make China easily accessible to every developer no matter how big or small.


The below to graphics give you some insight into the Chinese market and the potential user base and growth prospects for the market.


There seems to be much confusion online about how much customisation needs to be done to a western app in order for it to succeed in Chinese app stores. It is true that if your game is story based and hence includes reels of text it may not do well.

From what we see in the stores and in our experience an App that is successful in the west will probably do just as well in China. We thought an interesting and novel way to show this is just to show you what games are in the Top of the games section of one of the most popular store on a given day.


The below pictures show 2 games in the top 20 of Hiapk in August 2014.You can clearly see that the game is still English and only the market text and Game name have actually been translated.



Naturally we cannot guarantee your app will succeed and make it to the very top but it does stand as good a chance as any. Western developed apps are still regarded by many in China as best.

Another miss conception is that only a small percentage of Chinese speak English. Well that depends on your target group does it not? Every Child in China learns English at school most families strive to send their children to study abroad to give them every advantage in a very competitive working environment. So we argue and see that the younger generation clearly have no problem with playing games in English.

It is not our goal or intention to try and drag you into a complex localization of your game or make you implement any SDK.

We want you to try the Chinese market in a simple way!

We let you give China a try bearing in mind your success is our success. If you are not earning from app neither will we. We know you can because like you, we are developers and our games are already earning revenue in China so come and join us!

We hope we have not Appsborged you too much :)  but we hope we have at least informed you.


What stores we target

With our local knowledge of the market not only do we target the best known large App store in China we also target the latest trending stores with high growth heavy users.


About Appsborg

We are a technology driven organisation with experience in building games and application, distribution and all the issues with ad wrapping and making money from it.

This is why we decided to keep our solution to your apps to China simple!

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