Step 1 - Game review

This is to make sure your game is acceptable for China with regards to content. Religious, political and sexual applications we cannot process. This includes Bikini content.

We also check your current ad setup within your game.

We recommend Admob ads as they offer good ecpm and top fill rates in China. For example any services like chartboost which show ads for games which link to Googleplay games will not earn you money in China as Googleplay is as good as blocked for Chinese users.

Admob now offer local high value ads in Chinese. Admob is partnered with Domob

If your game has too many ads we will request you to tone them down or they will be rejected by the Chinese stores.

We may advise you to make a Chinese language version of your game if it can be done simply. For this we will translate all Ingame text and marketing Marterial including the game name to Chinese for Free.

If we approve your game you then delivery us a simple game package according to delivery specification.

Delivery specification will be sent to you in PDF format & xls format.They are quite standard no surprises.

We review your package and if all is well we approve your package for delivery to the App stores.


Step 2 - Choose your ad provider - NEW SERVICE

You will receive 100% of all the ad revenue your ads generate in China.

In order to generate our revenue we use a advance ad wrapper which will show our ads on a timer every 3-5 minutes (depending on the type of game). We disturb the user as little as possible.

It is that simple our upload service is completely Free!


Step 3 - Publishing & Marketing

Our wrapper can also show cross promotion ads.

Your game will also be part of this service and an ad will be shown in other people games promoting your game.

Your marketing and ingame text (if we think it is appropriate) will be Translated by our native Staff, to help improve your downloads (also for Free!)

We will submit you Apps to the Top 10 Chinese app stores within 2-4 weeks.

Store list to chose from : hiapk; 91; baidu; wandoujia; myapp; xiaomi; anzhi; 360; Mumayi;; N-duo; Lenovo; Gfan; App China; Hao Ying yong; China Mobile MMstore; China Unicom Wostore; Go Apk; Aimi8; Appchina.

Our wrapper allows automated app updates remotely.


Interested ? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assign an English account manager with a Chinese assistant.


Payment process

Ad funded - Your receive your money in the ad provider account you choose directly (see step 2 above). No payment is needed by Appsborg.

If your game is selected for Global Operator distribution then revenue will be paid monthly once your owed balance exceeds 300usd (see terms and conditions)

If your account balance is inferior to 300usd after one month, this will simply accumulate on to the next month, and so on so forth until your balance reaches the minimum of 300usd.

These payment will be made using PayPal.

About Appsborg

We are a technology driven organisation with experience in building games and application, distribution and all the issues with ad wrapping and making money from it.

This is why we decided to keep our solution to your apps to China simple!

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We aim to make our service truly as simple as possible to get your apps into the Chinese market to test the waters. Your questions are welcome.


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