Our Sister company in Amsterdam produce and aggregate Java and Android games to most larger Telco's globally including the below:

Vodafone Italy, UK, Germany, Greece, Spain, Orange France, Spain, SFR France 3 Italy, Oi Brazil, Nextel Brazil, TIM Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, Vivo Brazil, Telcel Mexico, Claro Brazil, Chile and Panama and all India operators and over 60+ more operators globally.

With the above channels the business model is paid and subscription but we also have our ad funded versions on all major app stores.

We are a technology driven organisation with experience in building games and application, distribution and all the issues with ad wrapping and making money from it. This is why we decided to keep our solution for getting your apps into China simple!

Meet The Team

Don't let Balances youngish appearance fool you, already on his third tech start up in China, and only in his early 20s, he's one Chinas new generation of forward thinking entrepreneurs.

Here at Appsborg Balances job is managing the teams uploading your apps making sure they get them up in the fastest possible way, while also entertaining us with his ‘Chinglish.’ He also keeps his finger on the pulse regarding the trends at the app stores.


James is another young entrepreneurial member of our team.  English by blood, but we all call him Frenchy as he moved to France at 10 years old. From the age of 15 he spent a lot of his time in China working in his fathers design company and understanding the local culture.

8 years after learning the hands on way about business in China he is one of the founders of Appsborg granting easy access to China for all you developers.


Craig’s our wisdom here at Appsborg with over 20 years experience in related industries. After leaving the green fields of England he started his main working life in Amsterdam at Agency.com moving through the ranks like a true trooper he became Director of Project Management. Highlight was managing the production and roll out of KPN's (Dutch largest phone operator) web and wap portal over a 3 year period. Hup Hup Holland!

He then moved to Overloaded the mobile arm of Endemol who are the producers of the TV concepts Fear Factor, Big Brother, Deal or No Deal. Rolling out their mobile games in 52 countries as head of operations and eventually Head of Global sales. Next step was founding his own company with is good friend and Technical wizard Gert building up a strong development team who have been rolling out games for great brands ever since. His last 7 years have been spent between Amsterdam and China entertaining the Chinese colleagues with his pitiful attempts at speaking Chinese and his fundamentally floored dance moves.

The Office

Contact Us

If you contact any of our offices we will get back to you within 24hours from one of our locations and assign you an english account manager to answer any of your questions. We advise you contacting our Guangzhou office for the quickest response for our Chinese services.

We aim to make our service truly as simple as possible to get your apps into the Chinese market to test the waters. Your questions are welcome.


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