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Publishing your App in China impossible?

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How We Work

  • The simple way to get your Apps to China!
  • Show us your App and we reveiw with your current ad setup
  • We advise to use Admob as partners to show ads in China
  • If approved you have the option for us to translate ingame and marketing text to Chinese for free
  • You only have to remove all Googleplay functionality incl in-app payments (Googleplay does not work in China)
  • We submit your App to Top 10 Chinese App Stores
  • Your App goes live and you start earning Ad Revenue
  • Full piracy check, we get all illegal copy's removed

Services We Offer

Free uploaded to top 10 + Chinese app stores!

You receive 100% of all ad revenue from your ads shown in China

Free Translations!

No costs Free service



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Quick Start - Why Appsborg?

  • Most cost effective and straight forward way to get your apps into China
  • Googleplay store Not pre-installed of 90% of Chinese phones and even then is mostly blocked
  • You keep your existing ad setup if you are using Admob
  • Our native staff will translate your App name, Inapp text and Marketing Text at no extra cost
  • Cross promotion of your game within our other games
  • We might also select your app to publish a paid version (Pay Per Download) to telecom operator's globally see below (50-208 operators, 438 channels possible)


Beat the great firewall of China

Reach over 500 million Android users
with 20 Million new Android users a month

To find out more on how to place your App into the Chinese market, click below..

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Appsborg telecom operator publishing
  • Appsborg may also choose your game to distribute a paid version to operators globally. If so we will contact you and give you further details.
  • Operators : Oi Brazil 51 mil subscribers; Telcel Mexico 73 Mil subscribers; Persona Argentina 20 Mil subscribers; Nextel Mexico 4 Mil subscribers; Movistar Spain1 9 Mil subscribers; Orange Spain 12 Mil subscribers, plus 50-208 operators, 438 channels possible globally.
  • Contact us to find out more and for a full list.

Appsborg App store: Coming soon: Choose now
Opt in or out of our soon to be released Appsborg App Store which will be available on all the Chinese App stores.

Bundling: Coming soon: Choose now
Opt in or out of our Bundling service which combines your game with another game to produce a 2 in 1 package. This can be done many times to help increase your downloads & ad revenue at any given point. Naturally this is not done initially.


What stores we target

With our local knowledge of the market not only do we target the best known large App store in China we also target the latest trending stores with high growth heavy users.


Our Premium Partners


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About Appsborg

We are a technology driven organisation with experience in building games and application, distribution and all the issues with ad wrapping and making money from it.

This is why we decided to keep our solution to your apps to China simple!

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We aim to make our service truly as simple as possible to get your apps into the Chinese market to test the waters. Your questions are welcome.


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